Family Law Attorney Michael Spiekerman 

is a highly qualified attorney whose practice is exclusively devoted to dissolution of marriage and domestic partnerships, and all manner of family law related issues.  He has represented clients with both complex and simple disputes involving the division of community property assets, the allocation of marital and non-marital debt, obtaining and terminating spousal support awards, setting and modifying child support orders, custody, parenting issues, and much more. 

Michael recognizes that the circumstance of ending a marriage or any once intimate relationship is an extremely traumatic experience. In order for people to actually be supported effectively by their family law attorney, the quality of the client-attorney relationship is critical.  Divorce lawyers must not only understand complicated legal issues and know how to solve problems creatively for a huge variety of situations, but at their core they must also passionately care about their client's concerns and interests.  This is one reason Michael Spiekerman listens closely to each client's history, and endeavors to respond to his clients in the most legally effective way. His law office recognizes that it is important for clients to be heard and to have their cases move towards their ultimate resolution. To that end, he will do everything in his power to facilitate this progress but it is also important for clients to recognize that the speed at which a case moves along also depends on the dynamics of the court system and on the conduct of the opposing party and counsel.


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