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​Nonetheless, I am an aggressive litigator where circumstances warrant such an approach.  As a lawyer my primary responsibility is to protect and inform you.  Each case depends upon its own relationship history, as well as the personalities of the parties themselves.  Even in high conflict cases it is possible to behave ethically and with dignity, without sacrificing important legal goals or rights.  My experience is that this allows cases to eventually settle, or at least it reduces the costs of litigation to my clients.  But either way, I offer you my skill in managing conflict and a steady and reliable hand.  

I believe that together you and I will determine a strategy and set a course for resolving your legal circumstances in a manner that is efficient and closely tailored to your needs.  This is my promise to you.  I am grateful to be a family law attorney, and dedicated to the pursuit of mastery and excellence in this honorable profession."

-Michael Spiekerman, Attorney at Law​

Bar Admissions:

  • California Supreme Court, June, 1991

  • United States District Court for Central California, June, 1991

  • United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, July, 1991

  • United States Supreme Court, October, 2003

Memberships and Professional Affiliations:

  • California State Bar
  • San Diego North County Bar Association
  • Former Arbitrator, Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee Orange County Bar Association  
  • Former CPT, California State Military Reserve, Asst Staff Judge Advocate, 40th Infantry Division, Support Brigade, Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos
  • Past Facilitator, Court-Clergy Conference (2005), Orange County Superior Court, Family Law Division
  • Volunteer Attorney, Procedural Assistance Conference Calendar, Orange County Superior Court, 2012

Education and Professional Development:

  • Western State University College of Law, Fullerton, California, J.D., 1989
  • University of LaVerne, LaVerne, California, B.A., 1985
  • Board of Behavioral Sciences, Mosten Mediation Training, 40 hours, 2009
  • American Institute of Mediation, Advanced Conflict Resolution Strategies, 10 hours, 2010

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"I have been representing clients in my family law practice for over 20 years.  In my many years of practicing family law, I have witnessed the disappointments of clients who have been saddled with an unhappy result of pursuing adversarial tactics.  Clients choosing this path are sometimes left with disappointing judicially imposed orders and attorney fee obligations that exceed their expectations.  I do not lose sight of the fact that most parties would prefer an objective and conciliatory process that allows them greater control in creating the final outcome to their custody and visitation, support, and property division issues.